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Creative Canvas actively works to Prevent Child Abuse, Support all kinds of Survivors, Positively Impact Lives and Communities, Provide resources for Traumatic events, Inspire Creative Expression & Spread Awareness through our Yearly Publication, + more!

Members, This Forum is for our Yearly Publication! Everyone is welcome to Participate.

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Welcome to our Forums for the Healing Spark
Publication! Everyone is Invited to Submit
Articles, Memiors, Poetry, Lyrics & all Writing
Drawings, Collages, Paintings, & All Art
Plus-Anything Related to Healing, Awareness,
Support, Survivors, Mental Illness
Personal Journeys, Trauma, Abuse, Violence,
Health Issues, Illness, Prevention, ect.

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2016 Publication
We are accepting submissions for the 1st Annual Publication of Member Creative Arts, Personal Stories, and Resources! Please read all information in the Announcement posted. Submit any creative & original work including poems, collages, paintings, photography, lyrics, graphic art, short stories, memoirs, and anything that represents expression, healthy living, growth, and Healing. We must educate communities about the effects of Trauma and how long they last so individuals can take action to learn the signs, report incidents, and protect children.
If you would like to remain Anonymous, use your user name or nickname. Post your work in the publication forum or email it to
If you are interested in being on the Publication Committee please contact Glasscastle.
This Publication will be a Fundraiser for our Organization and will also Inspire, Encourage, Strengthen, Educate, and Spread Awareness all over the World!
March 2018

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